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45Deg LR 24” SCH40 Stainless Steel Pipe Elbow

The function of a 45 degree elbow is the same as a 90 degree elbow, but the measurement of dimensions is different to that of the 90 degree elbow.Compared to 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow produces less friction, and with the lower pressure.

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45Deg LR elbow is second common use after 90 degree elbow. 24” SCH40 Stainless Steel Pipe Elbow is widely used in chemical industry, food, water supply facilities. Welded elbows are made of steel plate, so they are not seamless steel elbows. The steel plate is pressed into the shape of a bend with a die, and then the weld is welded into a finished steel bend. This is the old production method of elbow. In recent years, the small size elbow is almost all made of steel pipe. For example, for large elbow sizes, it is very difficult to produce more than 36 “outside diameters from steel pipe. So it’s usually made from the elbow. Steel plate, press steel plate into half elbow shape, and weld the two halves together. Since the elbow is welded to its body, inspection of the welded joint is necessary. We usually use x – ray inspection as a non – destructive test.

Shape Elbow, Tee, Cross, Bend, Reducer, Cap, Stub End
Size Range 1/2″ – 80″ / DN15 – 2000
Thickness Schedule SCH 10,SCH 10S, SCH 20, SCH 40,SCH 40S, STD, XS,SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 100, SCH 120, SCH 160, XXS
China Standard GB/T12459, GB/T13401, HG/T21635/21631, SH3408/3409
America Standard ANSI / ASME B16.9 / MSS SP 43
apan Standard JIS B2311/2312/2313
Europe Standard EN10253
Carbon Steel Q235, 20#, 35#, 45#, 20G,ASTM A234 WPB/WPC
Low Temp Carbon Steel Q345B, 16Mn, ASTM A420 WPL6
Pipeline Steel ASTM A860 WPHY 42 / 46 / 56 / 60 / 65
Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP11 / WP12 / WP 5 / WP9 / WP91 / WP92,15CrMoG, 12Cr1MoVG, 12Cr5Mo, 1Cr5Mo, Cr9Mo, 10CrMo910, 12CrMo4-5
Stainless Steel ASTM A403 WP304/304L/304H, 316/316L, 310S, 321, 317,347,904L
Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A815 S32205, S31803, 32750, 32760


45 degree elbow VS 90 degree elbow

  • The function of a 45 Degree Long Radius Elbow is same as 90 degrees long and short elbow, but the measurement and dimensions are different to that of a 90 degree long and the short elbow.
  • The radius of both the 45 degree and 90 Degree long and short elbow is the same however, the center to face dimension is not equivalent due to the smaller degree of bend.
  • Compared with 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow produces less friction and lower pressure.





  • Water supply facilities
  • Food industrial pipelines
  • Chemical industrial pipelines
  • Electronic industrial pipelines
  • Air conditioning facility pipelines
  • Agriculture and garden production transportation
  • Pipeline network for solar energy facility



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