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A105N Carbon Steel Socket Weld Cross

Features of Pipe cross:

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Features of Pipe cross:

There are three female openings in a T shaped pipe cross.
There are straight pipe crosss which have the same size openings.
Reducing pipe crosss have one opening of different size and two openings of the same size.
There are sanitary pipe crosss which are used in waste lines. These kind of pipe crosss have a curved branch which is designed for a clean out plug. They are used to prevent obstruction of waste.
A cross pipe cross has four equal sized female openings.
A wing pipe cross has lugs to fasten the fitting to a wall or stud.
A compression pipe cross uses compression fittings on two or more ends.
A test pipe cross has a threaded opening. This opening is used in conjunction with a threaded plug for a clean-out opening on a drain pipe..


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