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A234 WPB Carbon Steel 90 Degree Elbow

What is a 90 degree elbos and its classification.

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90 Degree Steel Pipe Elbow

90 degree steel pipe elbow functioned to change fluid direction by 90 degree, so also named as vertical elbow. It is the common degree in all the pipeline systems and used most in all different degree of elbows. (As it is convenient to suit to steel construction and structural.)

Long radius 90 degree elbow

LR 90 degree steel pipe elbow are installed between different lengths pipe or tubing. It helps to change direction at 90 degree, and is commonly used to connect hoses to pumps, deck drains and valve.

Short radius 90 degree elbow

SR 90 degree elbow is the same as the pipe elbow mentioned above, but the diameter is shorter. Therefore, this kind of steel elbow is often used when space is not enough.


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