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ASTM A 316 Stainless Steel pipe Standard ASME B36.19

What is Stainless Steel pipe,what about its specification and advantages.

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What is Stainless Steel pipe

Stainless Steel pipes are the pipes used for carrying highly chemical gases, corrosive fluids etc. These pipes can also be called corrosive-resistant pipes. Stainless steel comes under the category of high-quality alloy steel as it contains more than 8% elements in it. In other words, an alloy metal pipe is coated with a thin layer of chromium from the outside for protection. Due to this, the internal environment remains unaffected and unharmed by the external environment. These pipes are highly demanding in the market due to their high-quality property and variation in sizes. It has popularity not only in India but around the globe.

Specfication of Stainless Steel pipe

Processing Method Seamless and Welded
Size Range 1/8″-30″/DN750
Thickness Schedule SCH10S-SCH160,XXS
Length 6M/12M/Random
Standard ASME B 36.19
Surface Treatment Polish,Mirror,Epoxy Powder FPE,2PE,3PE Coating
Material Grade ASTM A312 TP304/304L/304H,316/316L,310S,317,347,904L,S32205,S31803,32750

Advantages of Stainless Steel pipe

Low corrosion: Stainless steel has a low corrosion rate. The metal will retain its rust-free appearance for many years, even when water is constantly inside the tubes.
Appealing appearance: Stainless steel pipes are attractive and look like modern. It is possible to leave stainless steel pipes exposed inside a building and have that add to the decorative aesthetic of the room, rather than detract from it like a plastic pipe would.
Smaller pipes: Steel pipes are highly efficient, and it is possible to use a smaller diameter of pipe made from steel than pipes made from other materials.
Strong: Stainless steel is strong and will resist damaging factors that can ruin other pipes, such as tree roots, human error, and extreme weather conditions.
Recyclable: Unlike plastic pipes, steel pipes are 100 percent recyclable. When the pipes are no longer needed, they can be melted down and turned back into other useable metal pieces in other industries.
Durable: Stainless steel pipes will not weather over time. The pipes will look and act the same in 20 years as they do today. The pipes will not sag and require much less support than plastic pipes.


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