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Pipe Fittings Swage Nipple

Double threaded Swage Nipplet:Swage Nipple with external threads at both ends. The screw plug is used to plug the external thread pipe fittings at the end of the pipe, including square head pipe plug, hexagonal pipe plug, etc.

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Swaging nipple (also known as reducing nipple) is a forged pipe fitting. It is used to change the diameter of the pipe and connect two pipes of different sizes.


Concentric: Concentric swage nipple is mainly used for vertical pipeline.

Eccentric: eccentric swage nipple is mainly used in horizontal pipelines.

End Types:

PBE=Plain Both Ends

PLE=Plain Large End

PSE=Plain Small End

POE=Plain One End

TOE=Thread One End

TBE=Thread Both Ends

TLE=Thread Large End

TSE=Thread Small End

BBE=Bevel Both Ends

BLE=Bevel Large End

  • Water supply facilities
  • Food industrial pipelines
  • Chemical industrial pipelines
  • Electronic industrial pipelines
  • Air conditioning facility pipelines
  • Agriculture and garden production transportation
  • Pipeline network for solar energy facility



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