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Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe Large Size Tube

Carbon steel pipe is exactly what it sounds like – pipe made from carbon steel, a steel alloy containing iron and carbon. An incredibly durable material, carbon steel pipe is used in heavy-duty industries like infrastructure, shipping and chemical fertilizing. The higher carbon content gives the steel a lower melting point, making it more malleable and durable and better able to distribute heat.

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Carbon steel is an iron carbon alloy with carbon content of 0.0218% ~ 2.11%. Also called carbon steel. Seamless steel pipe is a kind of circular steel pipe, in which there is no joint around the empty part. Welded steel pipe is a tubular product made of flat plate, which is formed, bent and ready for welding. Carbon steel has high tensile strength for any material. It can bend and stretch into any shape without losing any strength. Using this feature, the carbon steel pipe can become thinner and maintain the ability to contain flowing materials under high pressure. The inner diameter of carbon steel pipe is larger than that of other materials such as copper or plastic, so the bearing capacity is greater. Carbon steel pipe is very strong, impact resistant and not easy to rot.


  • Buildings and bridges
  • Track and pipe
  • Automobile manufacturing industry

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