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Swage Nipple Manufacturer Thread Swage Nipple

Reducing pipe (reducing nipple) is a pipe fitting used for straight-line connection of two pipes with different sizes to realize pipe diameter reduction. There are concentric reducing joints and eccentric reducing joints

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Swaging nipple (also known as reducing nipple) is a forged pipe fitting. It is used to change the diameter of the pipe and connect two pipes of different sizes.


Concentric: Concentric swage nipple is mainly used for vertical pipeline.

Eccentric: eccentric swage nipple is mainly used in horizontal pipelines.

End Types:

PBE=Plain Both Ends

PLE=Plain Large End

PSE=Plain Small End

POE=Plain One End

TOE=Thread One End

TBE=Thread Both Ends

TLE=Thread Large End

TSE=Thread Small End

BBE=Bevel Both Ends

BLE=Bevel Large End


  • Water supply facilities
  • Food industrial pipelines
  • Chemical industrial pipelines
  • Electronic industrial pipelines
  • Air conditioning facility pipelines
  • Agriculture and garden production transportation
  • Pipeline network for solar energy facility

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