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ASTM A182 Stainless Steel Flange Weld NECK Flange ManufacturerASME B16.5

The descipton ,specification ,and advantages of a weld neck flange.

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What is a weld neck flange

A weld neck flange has two designs. The regular type is used with pipes. The long type is unsuitable for pipes and is used in process plant.A weld neck flange consists of a circular fitting with a protruding rim around the circumference. Generally machined from a forging, these flanges are typically butt welded to a pipe. The rim has a series of drilled holes that permit the flange to be affixed to another flange with bolts.Such flanges are suitable for use in hostile environments that have extremes of temperature, pressure or other sources of stress.The resilience of this type of flange is achieved by sharing the environmental stress with the pipe with which it is welded.

Specification of weld neck flange

Shape Type Regular and Long Neck
Sealing Face RF,FF,FTJ
Size Range 1/2″-48″/DN15-DN1200
Pressure Rating Class150/300/600/900/1500/2500lb
America Standard ASME B 16.5/ASME B 16.47 SERIES a/b
Carbon Steel ASTM A150/A150N
Low Tem Carbon Steel ASTM A350 LF2/LF3
Pipeline Steel ASTM A694  F42/46/56/60/65
Alloy Steel ASTM A182 F11/F12/F5/F9/F91/F92
Stinless Steel ASTM A182 F304/304L/304H,316,316L,310S,317,347,904L

Advantages of weld neck flange

Because long weld neck flanges are bored to match the inside diameter of the pipe itself, the flow of high-pressure liquid is not impeded. This design assures that there is little “turbulence” within the pipe, a common cause of erosion, resulting in stronger more durable pressure vessel connections.


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