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A234 WPB Carbon Steel 90 Dgree Elbow

What is a 90° pipe elbow and what its application

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What is a 90° pipe elbow

The 90° pipe elbows is used to connect tubes at a 90° angle. As the name suggests, the elbow is always a right-angle in shape. Such type of elbow is also known as “90 bends or 90 ells”. This is a pipe fitting device which is bent in such a way to produce 90° change in the direction of flow of the fluid/gas in the pipe. The elbow is used to change the direction in piping and is also sometimes called a “quarter bend”.

A 90° elbow attaches readily to pipes of various materials like plastic, copper, cast iron, steel, lead, rubber etc. In other words, the 90° elbows are used to provide a joint between two pipes at right angles to each other. They are used as railing ends or corners on a level installation.

Application of 90° elbows

90 Degree ElbowThe main application area of a 90° elbow is to connect hoses to valves, water pressure pumps, and deck drains. 90° elbows help to make dust hose take that quick turn at the corner. These elbows can be used on instrumentation, process and control systems and equipment employed in chemical, petroleum, fluid power, electronic and pulp and paper plants.


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